Mrs Palfreyman asked Year 4 children to write to their local MP about their strong views on Climate Change to cover the text type ‘Persuasive letter writing’. It then just so happens that one of the parents in Year 4 works with Layla Moran and passed on the letters of those children who were happy for her to do so. Layla then discussed these letters in the House of Commons:


I am sure that, like me, many Members receive beautifully handwritten letters from schoolchildren. Nine-year-old Elizabeth from West Oxford Community Primary School says:

“Words are not enough—urgent action is needed within the next decade if the world is going to survive as we know it.”

Out of the mouths of babes — but not all of them are learning about climate change. Will the Minister work with the Department for Education to ensure that all children, including those at key stages 1 and 2, learn about this incredibly important matter?


The full text is available here.