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West Oxford Community Primary School is a large, spacious, school dating back to Edwardian Britain. It was built in 1913 and opened in January 1914. Since then it has undergone many changes; more recently growing from 180 to 228 children on roll in 4 years and still expanding.

The school currently has one class per year group. The children learn from a rich, creative, project-based curriculum. Throughout the year, multi-intelligence days give children the opportunity to explore further specific subject areas; helping them to gain additional skills, knowledge and understanding. The school’s great facilities include; well-resourced and spacious classrooms, a large playground with a pond and climbing apparatus, excellent Early Years outdoor learning facilities, healthy and tasty lunches provided by our in house kitchen team, and a large school field.

At West Oxford Community Primary School we have a commitment to nurturing each child’s unique strengths and aspirations as well as providing children with challenge in order to develop their determination, resilience and resourcefulness.

We aim for each child to leave West Oxford Community Primary School with the self-knowledge that they have achieved their very best and have the capacity to continue learning and developing their potential.

Each member of staff is committed and dedicated to providing quality learning opportunities for all. We foster children’s social and emotional development through mutual respect and dedicated care for their wellbeing.

We engender positive relationships and strongly believe that all members of the school community have a voice that is listened to. The partnership between parents and the school is a great strength and at the heart of our school community.

The West Oxford Community Primary School team of staff, governors, families and community members all have a common goal of doing the very best for our children and ensuring that they have bright, promising futures.

Clare Bladen



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