The governing body is responsible for working strategically in partnership with the headteacher and staff to identify the most important aspects of the school that need to be improved, approving plans to achieve this and ensuring pupil progress. Governors meet at least four times a year at full governing body meetings. There are two committees, which meet at least three times a year. The committees are the Effectiveness, Standards and Welfare committee (ESW), which deals with areas related to the curriculum, and the Human and Physical Resources committee (HPR), which deals with staffing and finance.

Our Governors are:

Clare Bladen: Headteacher

Joey Potgieter: Chair of Governors, Co-opted (until 6/9/17), HPR
Helen Kaufmann: Parent elected (until 4/9/20), HPR
Ben Selby: Parent elected (until 10/12/19), HPR chair
Rachel Goode: Co-opted (until 6/9/17), ESW chair
Colin Cook:  Co-opted (until 1/3/17), HPR
Susanna Pressel:  Co-opted (until 1/3/17), ESW
Rebecca Huxley:  Vice chair, Local Authority (until 31/12/17), ESW
 Jonathan James: Staff governor (until 25/09/20)
Clare Sykes: Associate member (until 1/3/17), ESW, full voting rights
Claudi Thomas: Associate member (until 23/9/17), ESW, full voting rights

Our Governing Body includes parent governors who are elected by parents. They are elected for 4 years and play a role in monitoring the school’s work and in the school’s development.

A list of our governors including committee membership and special responsibilities can be downloaded here:

A list of contact details for the school governors can be downloaded here:

A summary of the governors’ pecuniary interest declarations is available here:

A summary of governor training can be found here:

Governor Vacancies

The school currently has a vacancy for a co-opted governor.


Minutes of Full Governing Body Meetings

Minutes of ESW Committee Meetings

Minutes of HPR Committee Meetings

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