Meet the Staff


Headteacher Ms Clare Bladen  
Senior Leadership Team Mrs Tessa Palfreyman (Deputy Headteacher and KS2 Leader)
Ms Liz Newman (KS1 Leader)
Miss Laura Cheeseman (EYFS Leader)
School Office    
Office Manager Mrs Rebecca Wells  
Office Administrator Mrs Joanna Carr  
Office Administrator
Mrs Beverly Jackson-Dodd  
Teaching Staff    
Class Teacher
EYFS Leader
Miss Laura Cheeseman Nursery
Class Teacher

Ms Isabelle Cox

Class Teacher
KS1 Leader
Subject Leader for Art and Phonics 
Mrs Liz Newman Year 1 (Mon/Tue/Wed)
Class Teacher
Subject Leader for Design & Technology and Most Able
Mrs Debra Livesey Year 1 (Thur/Fri)
Class Teacher
Subject Leader for Science and PE
Educational Visits
Mrs Gwen Whiting Year 2
Class Teacher
Subject Leader for Humanities
Mrs Rebecca Morley Year 3
Class Teacher
Deputy Headteacher
KS2 Leader
Subject Leader for English, Teaching & Learning
Mrs Tessa Palfreyman Year 4
Co Teacher
Subject Leader for Italian
Mrs Lilina Licata Year 4
Class Teacher
Subject Leader for Anti-Bullying and LGBT
Ms Jamie Hart Year 5
Class Teacher
Subject Leader for Maths and Computing
Mrs Fiona Bethel Year 6
Subject Leader for RE
Mrs Suzi Batterton  SENCO
Music Ms Jo Gill  County Music Service
Support Staff    
Nursery Nurse Miss Uzma Rehman Nursery
Daycare Nursery Nurse pm Mrs Sue Gibbling Daycare
Teaching Assistant Ms Katy Jaques Nursery
Teaching Assistant Ms Claire Bray Reception
Teaching Assistant Ms Andromachi Apostolatou Reception
Teaching Assistant Ms Penny Tordoff Year 1 (3 days)
Teaching Assistant Mrs Emma Willis Year 2 (4 days)
Teaching Assistant
Subject Leader for PSHE
Ms Kirsty Cleaver Year 3
Teaching Assistant/Midday Supervisor Mrs Lilina Licata Year 4
Teaching Assistant/Midday Supervisor Mrs Lisa Buck Year 5 (3days)
Teaching Assistant Ms Helen Reid Year 5 (2days)
Teaching Assistant SEN/
Midday Supervisor
Mrs Debbie Manuell Year 6
Caretaker (part-time) To be appointed  
Nurture group Mrs Fran Melvin Nurture
Cook and Catering Manager Mrs Ruth Lyster  
Catering Assistant Ms Kerri Light  
Catering Assistant Mr Huw Woodman  
Catering Assistant Mrs Eva Kalyana  
School Bursar Mrs Catherine Willis  
IT support Koala ICT  
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