Fundraising & Donation

Giving To The School

Although we are a state-funded school, every year the money given to us is less than we need to provide your children with the education and facilities they need.


To make up this shortfall, we depend on the generosity of parents and carers, and the broader community around us.


We have an active fundraising strategy

¬†androughout the year we have a wide range of fundraising activities, designed to bring people together in fun social events and raise much needed resources for the school’s infrastructure.

We are currently raising funds for a much-needed new playground, which will cost in the region of £80,000.

In addition, money raised by our events has been earmarked for new first floor student toilets, new LED lighting throughout the school and more.

As well as money, parents donate their professional skills and time as governors, architects, engineers, web designers, photographers and more. We regularly call for volunteers to support grounds maintenance

How To Help

Ways You Can Give

Our immediate fundraising target is £100k over the next three years so that we can build the new playground and carry out other essential maintenance on the school. We will be relying on you to help us meet this target.

Friends Of The School

Friends Of The School


The Friends of the School organise a wide range of fundraising events throughout the year. You can support the school by coming along and joining in the fun. Simply attending our events (and spending money!) is a huge help, but you can also help plan events, volunteer on the day and much more.

Donate Money

Donate Money


In September the Friends will be registering as a charity, which will enable them to have a JustGiving page here on the website. You will then be able to make a one off donation or set up a standing order. Your generosity will be greatly appreciated and make a huge difference to our school.

Amazon Wishlist

Amazon Wishlist

School Supplies

This year we trialled an Amazon Wishlist for the school, which was a huge success. Generous parents bought a wide range of supplies for the school from paper to iPads, and we will be setting this up again in September when the teachers can assess their needs for the coming year.

A Word

From The Friends

” The Friends organises lots of brilliant fundraising events throughout the year to help the school make up the shortfall between the money it gets from the council, and what it needs to operate. Luckily, we have an amazing body of parents and carers and our events are legendary. From the REAL Parent’s Evening (the adult’s school disco!) to the glorious Tea Tent at the Binsey Fete, we have the opportunity to make a huge difference to our school.

– Sarah Lidwell-Durnin