We Include Every Child


what are special educational needs ?

Approximately one in five children will have special educational needs and/or disabilities (SEND) at some time during their school career.

This means they may have difficulty with:

• Reading, writing or mathematics

• Understanding information and expressing themselves

• Organising themselves

• Skills in sensory perception or physical mobility

• Managing their behaviour

• Making friends or relating to adults. 

How We help you & your child

We will assess your child to identify their strengths, needs and the extra help they require.

In line with the SEN Code of Practice (2014), if needs are identified, your child will receive either; SEN Support comprising high quality, differentiated teaching in class, supported by a teaching assistant, or An Educational Health Care Plan.

This will involve parent consultations, pupil involvement (where appropriate) and external agency reports. The plan will be ratified by the local authority.

A Supportive Environment

At the West Oxford School we aim to:

• Meet the needs of the whole child

• Remove barriers to learning

• Raise pupil self-esteem

• Build pupil confidence

• Develop pupil independence

• Provide access to a relevant tailored curriculum.


Most of all, we want your child to enjoy school, make friends
and feel supported.


School SEN Leads

Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator (SENCo): Louise Siddle

SEND Governor:Robin Rogers

Phone: 01865 248862
Email: office.2533@west-oxford.oxon.sch.uk


The Special Educational Needs and Disabilities Information, Advice and Support Service offer free impartial advice in confidence.

Phone: 01865 810516



Special Educational Needs (SEN) – A guide for parents and carers. Revised 2009

Special Educational Needs Code of Practice 2014 Both are available from: www.direct.gov.uk

How We Support Your Child

The school is highly experienced in making sure that every child is supported and included, and every child receives his or her education sensitively and effectively.


What Is Offered To Your Child

The school offers the following;

• High quality teaching

• A curriculum to match needs

• In-class support from teaching assistants

• Intervention programmes in literacy and numeracy

• One-to-one or small group work with a teaching assistant

• Homework support

• Play therapy

• Nurturing sessions

• Extra help from other services, eg. speech and language therapist, educational psychologist, physiotherapist.

Partnership With Parents & Pupils

The school works in partnership with parents to meet the child’s needs.

This means:

• We value the views of parents and their feedback

• Parents are equal partners in decisions about their child’s education

• Parents are kept informed about their child’s needs and progress

• Parents and pupils are involved in consultations and reviews

• We value the voice of the child in decision-making about their education

Outcomes For Pupils

The extra help the school offers will enable the child to:

• Reach their full potential

• Achieve their personal best

• Make progress

• Feel valued and included

• Enjoy school

Who should I contact to discuss concerns about my child?


• Your child’s class teacher is the first point of contact

• Key Stage Leader or Early Years Foundation Stage Leader

• SENCO – Louise Siddle

•  Headteacher

• SEN governor – Robin Rogers


In addition, parents can contact SENDIASS for advice and support