West Oxford Community Primary School

Welcome to Year 4

In year 4 children become confident and independent learners, working hard to achieve their full potential whilst having fun exploring new topics and subjects. 

About Year 4

Our Year 4 children are an influential group, with their letters on climate change, composed as part of a persuasive writing lesson, being read out in the House of Commons by local MP Layla Moran! 

When they are not changing the world, Year 4 explores the world of the Vikings, expands their literacy by leaps and bounds, and gets to grips with a deeper science and technology curriculum.

Our mathematics curriculum gets more in depth now, with more complex fractions, decimals and units of measure, as well as geometry, statistics and learning to confidently tell the time using the 12 and 24 hour clocks.

Ms Jordan Wheeler and Mrs Lilina Licata

Year 4 Teachers

Our Curriculum For Year 4

We follow the National Curriculum at the West Oxford Community Primary School. Our team in the classroom works hard to make sure that every child is nurtured and supported as we work together to achieve the milestones set down by the  government, creatively and effectively.

The subjects that we cover include: English, mathematics, science, art and design, citizenship, computing, design and technology, geography, history, languages (Italian), music and physical education.

National Curriculum guidelines for English in Year 4

National Curriculum guidelines for Mathematics in Year 4

National Curriculum guidelines for Science in Year 4

Full list of National Curriculum Subjects for Key Stage 2

What Books Will Your Child Enjoy in Year 4?

Check out this great list of books from The School Reading List. This list of books is put together every year by a team of English teachers, librarians and parents, and features books for all abilities at this stage.

The School Reading List – Year 4

Year 4 News

World Book Day!

Thanks to all of the children and staff who dressed up and shared their favourite books on World Book Day. We have also enjoyed decorating the classroom doors - what a selection of books you have shown!  

Project Look – Monday 25th November

We have spent this afternoon presenting our projects to other classes and having the opportunity to visit other classrooms to look at their projects. Year 6 were visited by Year 4 and Year 2, and also got to visit Year 4 and Year 2 themselves.  

Science Workshops

Today, Foundation Class up through Year 6 were able to take part in a Science Workshop run by Oxford Hands On Science. This is a volunteer group of Oxford University PhD students who are studying various fields of science themselves.   The children had a...

Festival of Voices – June 2019

The WOCPS school choir had a fantastic time performing in The Festival of Voices at Dorchester Abbey this year. They worked incredibly hard with Mrs Gill to learn all 16 songs and sang them beautifully on the night. They also looked great in our new choir t-shirts!...

Year 4 letters used in Climate Change debate

Mrs Palfreyman asked Year 4 children to write to their local MP about their strong views on Climate Change to cover the text type 'Persuasive letter writing'. It then just so happens that one of the parents in Year 4 works with Layla Moran and passed on the letters of...

World Book Day Assembly – Thursday 7th March

Well done to everyone who dressed up or brought a book to share on World Book Day. In assembly we looked at the winners of the book cover design contest and we enjoyed sharing our costumes.